Welcome to Vertex Air Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The time was right and the moment was apt, when visionary, Ramchandra Kopparapu thought of putting his resources and years of experience together to let industry and its people breathe clean air, thus Vertex Air technologies took its first breath.

Vertex Air technologies is an endeavor to offer most advance, efficient and robust solution to its clients for all sort of HVAC requirements, Clean Room products and services.


Vertex Air is Committed to Providing High Quality Clean Room and HVAC Solutions and Accesories

Air Handling Unit (Ahu)

An Air Handling Unit is a large metal box having an integration of equipments like blowers, heating and cooling coils, air-control dampers, filters and silencers technically

Cooling Coil

A cooling coil is a device intended to allow the contents of the coil to cool as they move through it. Cooling coils is used as key element in the machine designed to control

Clean Room Equipments

We manufacture all types of sampling and dispensing booths customized to the customers needs and to meet space criteria. The equipments are designed to ensure


The main purpose of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system is to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation and filtration

Air Distribution Products

Vertex is a leading manufacturers and exporters of the Air ducts in India. The quality of products we endorse give ultimate satisfaction to customers