Air Handling Unit

An Air Handling Unit is a large metal box having an integration of equipments like blowers, heating and cooling coils, air-control dampers, filters and silencers technically called as (sound attenuators). It is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system.

Types of Ahu

1. Single Skin Air Handling Unit.

Single skin air handling unit is a low height machine. The machine is also light in weight with use of powder-coated version of Galvanized iron in its structure. It has provision for single or twin blower. The over all make is convenient for people to use.

Purpose :  shopping malls, commercial complexes, offices, hotels etc.

Capacity Range : 1200 cfm to 5000 cfm. (approx )

2. Double Skin Air handling unit. 

Double skin air handling unit is good for the places where space is a concern. The base frame of the machine is made of galvanized steel to make it more durable and robust. Its compact size has all the key accessories which are required by a standard air handling unit. The over all construction of the material is of aluminum profile.

Purpose : shopping malls, commercial complexes, offices, hotels etc..

Capacity Range : 800 cfm to 10000 cfm

3. Floor Mounted Air Handling Unit

Floor mounted air handling unit could be customized as per the customer’s requirement. It is available in single tier and double tier models. It is a complete machine in its self with most modern accessories like mixing chamber, fresh & returns air dampers, filter section, cooling coil, water proof light, limit switch, view glass etc

Purpose : shopping arcades, offices, centrally air conditioned buildings, commercial complexes, schools, institutional buildings etc. This unit is needed where ever comfort air-conditioning is needed.

Capacity Range : 1000 cfm to 90,000 cfm

4. Ceiling Mounted Air Handling Unit

Ceiling mounted air handling unit is prominently used in commercial spaces, shopping malls, offices etc where major requirement is for comfort cooling only. This machine is very cost effective and is good for small set-ups

Purpose : small offices , small shopping complex , small multiplexes etc.

Capacity range : 500 cfm to 10,000cfm

5. Vertical Air Handling Unit

Vertical Air Handling Unit is best suited for present business scenario, because it is the best machine to be placed in places where facility has space crunch. In today’s business world price of commercial space is too high so mostly business owner do not want to possess big spaces so to avoid extra cost, vertical ahu in all its functionality is absolutely like a horizontal ahu with a specialty that its get fit in minimum possible space. Some of the standard features that this machine includes are galvanized metal sheets, puf insulation, aluminum frame, supply air grilled plenum, silencers, volume control dampers etc.

Purpose : public offices , private business  offices , malls , small hotels etc.

Capacity range : 1000 cfm to 10000 cfm

6. Thermal Break Air Handling Unit 

Thermal break Air Handling Unit is a machine, which is thermally isolated to reduce the cooling loss. The thermal covering makes the body of the unit compatible to consume less energy thus making it cost effective in terms of electricity charges. It also helps in maintaining the temperature.

Purpose : where control on cooling loss is of high importance and also  unit focuses on energy conservationm

Capacity : 500 cfm to 90000cfm

7. Exhaust Air Handling Unit

Exhaust Air handling unit is used to exhaust the air from a concerned area into the atmosphere after processing of a normal / multi stage filtration. These units do not involve any high maintenance cost, along with this they can be customized as per the requirement of the client in different sizes and specifications.

Purpose : pharmaceutical industries , hospitals , chemical industries , hotels , shopping malls , other industrial units.

Capacity range : 1000 cfm to 40000 cfm

8. Heat Recovery Unit

Heat recovery air handling units are mainly used in the places where fresh air is needed. Heat or enthalpy wheels are rotary air-to-air heat exchangers. Adjacent supply and exhaust air counter flow streams each flow through half of the wheel and transfer sensible and latent energy.

Purpose : clean room , icu , ccu , iccu , operation theaters , laboratories , petrochemicals , fmcg units , r&d laboratories etc.

Capacity range :  1000 cfm to 40000 cfm

9. Air Washer Unit

An air washer is a piece of equipment that is designed to improve air quality by scrubbing the air that moves through it and adjusting humidity levels to keep the environment consistent. Air washers are used as part of climate control and air quality systems.

Purpose : Supermarkets, Offices, Shopping Mall, Showrooms, Restaurant & Bar, Schools,Various educational and professional training Institutes, banquet halls etc.

Capacity range : 1000 cfm to 100000 cfm

10. Air Scrubber Unit

A Scrubber Unit is an air pollution control device that utilizes some form of liquid to remove particulate matter or gases from an industrial exhaust or flue gas stream. These special scrubber units are very cost effective.

Purpose : Industrial, Restaurant & Bar, Residential, Institute, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Generator Room, etc.

Capacity Range : 1000 cfm to 100000 cfm

11. Clean Room Air Handling Units

Clean room Air handling Units are specially designed for Pharma companies. These are very high-end machines customized by us as per the requirement of the pharma factory. They have an insulated body so to resist any kind of cooling loss and are designed keeping installation comfort as key concern. These machines have a very robust system for controlling the temperature, noise, vibration and air flow.

Purpose : Vertex Air Technologies has core expertise in manufacturing Clean room air handling units , these units are uniquely designed and specifically made as per pharma standards.

Capacity Range : 900 cfm to 90000 cfm