Cooling Coil

A cooling coil is a device intended to allow the contents of the coil to cool as they move through it. Cooling coils is used as key element in the machine designed to control the temperature. It is best suited mechanism where space is at premium level and implementation of other cooling mechanism is difficult to manage.

We manufacture coils with 1/2″ and 3/8″ tube for all sorts of industrial applications with core area of expertise in manufacturing coils for ahu applications of pharma units.

At Vertex Coil manufacturing section one can see the latest machinery from renowned companies around the world, like computerized fin generation presses, hairpin benders, mechanical expanders, automated brazing machines etc. We do a very stringent Post manufacturing quality check on our coils so to ensure that there is no leakage of any kind.

Types of Coils

1. Heating Coil
2. Cooling coil
3. Direct Expansion ( dx ) Coils
4. Condensing Coils

  1. Clean room equipments
    a) Static pass box
    b) Dynamic pass box
    c) Reverse Laminar flow station
    d) Horizontal laminar flow station
    e) Vertical Laminar work stations
    f) Ceiling suspended laminar work stations
    g) Sampling/ Dispensing booth
    h) Personnel Air Shower
    i) Dedusting Booth.
  2. Filters – coarse , fine and secondary filters along with High efficiency and ultra filtrations
    a) G3 filters ( EQUIVALENT TO 20 micron )
    b) G4 filters ( 10 micron )
    c) F7/F9 filers ( 5 micron and 3 micron )
    d) H-11
    e) H-12
    f) H-13
    g) H-14
    h) ULP-14
  3. Air Distribution Products
    a) G.I rectangular and Spiral Ducting
    b) Al aerofoil volume Control damper (VCD)
    c) G.I Volume Control damper
    d) Fire dampers
    e) Variable air Volume units ( VAV )
    f) Grills and Diffusers
    g) Terminal modules within built gear operated dampers
    h) Riser modules within built gear operated dampers.
    i) Filter Plenum
  4. Pharma SS furniture
    a) SS cabinets
    b) SS lockers
    c) Cross over bench
    d) Trolleys
    e) SS ladders , platforms .
    f) Apron cupboard
    g) Dies and punch cabinet .