Chairman and Managing Director: Ramchandra Kopparapu

“Ramchandra Kopparapu brings with him years of hands on experience in delivering clean room and HVAC projects.

In 2010 he started Vertex Air’s own manufacturing facility with a commitment to providing high quality components for Vertex Air’s own projects as well as for other project contractors looking for quality and affordable air quality management products.

Ram’s passion for excellence is reflected in the investments the company is making in building state of the art infrastructure that uniquely positions Vertex Air as a reliable partner for our customers”.

Director: Sudhir Devulapally 

Sudhir is a mechanical engineer from JNTU.He started his career as design and project engineer, and has successfully executed numerous national and international HVAC projects.

He plays a key role in the strategic planning of the projects and ensures a smooth delivery of the same from the point of inception to the final completion.

Sudhir’s core area of expertise reflects in doing crisis management when a turn key project is going-on.